Traditionally dental implants were only possible with months of healing as part of the process before the implanted titanium posts could withstand the pressure of the new teeth.  Dentures were then fitted for the intervening period, which could make the patient feel very self-conscious and unhappy during that time.  The wonder of science has advanced the process, and it is now possible to have Teeth in a Day, with no interceding healing period, at the Same Day Teeth Suite in and go home with your replacement teeth fixed in position.

What are Teeth in a Day? They are implants fitted in a day to save you time or the embarrassment of wearing removable dentures.  Often known as Same Day Teeth. Firstly it’s very important to understand not everyone can have the Teeth in a Day procedure. It is essential the patient has a full mouth examination with X-rays, to ascertain the suitability of Teeth in a Day before commencing the treatment. A lot of planning and preparation is carried out by the clinician before treatment takes place.  It is a surgical procedure and cannot be undertaken lightly. We take a 3D CT scan of your mouth to provide us with essential information, such as the quality and volume of your jaw bone, and to locate nerves and blood vessels.  This allows us to place the dental implants with accuracy.

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Patients who have teeth that cannot be salvaged due to gum disease, or a full mouth of decayed teeth, or patients with dentures who would prefer to have fixed teeth, may well be suitable candidates.  More importantly, they all wish to avoid dentures and want to go home the same day with their implants and new teeth in place.

The SameDay Teeth Suite employs only the best technicians to prepare and manufacture the finest titanium posts and false teeth in advance of your procedure.  Not only do the posts and teeth have to fit well and feel good, but they must look natural,  and be carefully coloured to match your natural teeth.

And if you are wondering if all this sounds too much for your budget, we offer affordable payment plan options. Our free consultation is designed to assess the very best solution for your missing teeth, as well as finding a payment arrangement to suit you.

If you would like to know more about Teeth in a Day and are wondering if you are a suitable candidate, please contact the Same Day Teeth Suite HERE

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