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There is no doubt that dental implants can make a big difference to your appearance. The most common question we get asked at the Same Day Teeth Suite is whether it will look completely natural. Even small changes to your mouth and teeth can alter your appearance, having a knock on effect on your self-confidence.

If you are having dental implants you will want to be sure that you are comfortable with your new look – you’ll be able to eat practically anything and have the confidence to smile and laugh without worrying about the state of your teeth. We are confident that the appearance of your new dental implants will surpass all your expectations.

How Dental Implants Work

The implant system itself begins under the gum line, in the bone tissue of the jaw. Titanium metal implants have osseophilic properties and fuse with the living bone to provide a secure anchor for the visible part which is called the crown.

Implant crowns are fitted onto the metal base and are made of high-grade acrylic resin or dental porcelain. They are your new teeth and form the major part of your bright new smile. They are attached to the solid implants in your jaw to form a permanent bond.

The advantage over something like dentures is that dental implants perform more like natural teeth – you can eat what you want and speak and smile with supreme confidence. And because they are attached straight to the gum line, they look more like real teeth.

The important part in getting a natural look is choosing the right colour and shape for your crown. If you are just replacing a few missing teeth then our professional orthodontists will help match the best colour and size to complement your existing teeth. Often it’s the case that you may want to whiten your existing teeth prior to implant surgery (porcelain teeth themselves can’t be bleached).

If your implantologist does their job properly you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the shape and shade of your natural teeth and the replacement teeth.

Dental implant surgery has come a long way in the last few years. Dentists, materials scientists and laboratory technicians are continuously perfecting the process of making replacement teeth that look realistic. With the right care, these prosthetic teeth can be permanent, lasting the rest of your life. Implants combine natural looking teeth with the greater functionality you enjoyed before tooth loss

If you want to find out if an implant procedure is for you, you can schedule a free consultation with the Same Day Teeth Suite in Nottingham, Loughborough or Leicester and get all the advice you need.

Having a bright white smile can boost your self-confidence and that’s just one benefit of dental implants that you will enjoy once they are in place.



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