Why Should I Get Dentures? - image

We all know what makes our smile stand out – our teeth. Without healthy teeth we will not be able to smile and laugh at our best so it is very important to practice proper and healthy oral hygiene to take care of them. But there’s actually a far bigger question to ask than this one. What if some of your teeth are missing? Logically, proper hygiene can no longer save what’s already gone.

There’s a lot of reasons why we loose our teeth, aging, poor oral hygiene, poor dietary habits and sometimes accidents.  Though there are several ways on how to avoid loosing tooth, this is still an expected stage in one’s life cycle especially for the elders. With this being said, the best thing that we can do is to become educated about the problem and the solutions we have available.

No worries, as DENTURES can definitely solve this dilemma. The best solution for missing teeth to be exact. What are dentures? Denture serves as a replacement for a missing teeth and surrounding tissues, it is completely removable and comes in 2 types, namely; complete and partial dentures. It looks like a real teeth and if fitting is perfect, it will almost look natural making the problem and past bad experiences worth forgetting.

Dentures can also recreate your physical appearance by restoring the features you’ve lost. It improves digestion as it works exactly as the real one. Remember that the main purpose is to provide a set of fully functional teeth to be able to live a happy life again.

However, though dentures are proven to be very helpful there’s still a big possibility to fail the goal of the treatment the fitting and care is not good. There are a lot of factors to consider for a successful treatment plan. Comfort, convenience and cost are just some to mention. It is best to consult with a professional and licensed dentist or orthodontist for assistance as applying dentures are crucial and are more sensitive than of applying braces.

You may contact us for further details and answers on how to get the right dentures for you. Same day Teeth suite offers affordable dentures in nottingham and in our other branches – leicester and lougborough. We also offer fixed dentures, denture with implants and personalized implants. We’d be happy to assist you, see you soon!