Patients often ask the question ‘Why is the cost of Dental Implants generally so steep?’

A valid query indeed, it can be hard to validate such a significant amount of money on what seems to be a small sized mouthpiece. From planning the placement to abutments and crowns, single tooth dental implant treatments can be expensive. When browsing for the best price it’s easy to overlook the details and ignore the nature of the overall procedure. What we always try to relay to patients is that the price you pay is not only for the product but also an intricate service.

Placing dental implants is both an art and a science. The process is a delicate operation that involves a medical device being implanted into living tissue. This living tissue is home to nerves, blood vessels and sinuses, which will need to be treated with the utmost care and require careful attention. A well-positioned dental implant has the potential to last for an extensive period of your life, leaving you problem free. Unfortunately, if the implant is poorly placed this can lead to several serious complications and be a nightmare to fix. The oral cavity is a small surgical environment and can be as little as two millimetres; so even the slightest error can be the difference between success and failure.

In order to avoid unnecessary damage to your gums and wallet, it’s best to find an experienced implant surgeon as evidence suggests that sufficient experience affects your chances of a successful treatment. While there are no surgeons who specialise in dental implant like you have with orthodontists, it is important you look into your chosen surgeon’s background and patient testimonials.

Choosing the right surgeon is one step but there are a number of complex factors involved that can affect the end result and longevity of your implant, which is why a thorough assessment beforehand is crucial.

Some basic checks are:

  •      Gum health
  •      Bone quantity and quality
  •      Force of bite
  •      Medical history
  •      History of smoking
  •      Gum type
  •      General condition of the mouth

Maintenance is the final element of dental implants as any problems that may arise can be spotted early with regular checkups. Aftercare with a knowledgeable hygienist and dentist will help maintain your implant and ensure a painless and smooth result. Of course every case is unique and it may be that dental implants for missing teeth may not be the only fix, therefore a full mouth evaluation can help break down all your options.

Watch this video to hear about the experience of this gentleman who explains his journey of getting a dental implant at the SameDay Teeth Suite in the East Midlands. He previously had teeth messed by another dentist and now feels really happy.

At The Same Day Teeth Suite, we offer a free initial consultation to all patients.

If price is a worry, we can help.  You may wish to divide the cost with one of our simple price plans of your choosing that range over 1-5 years.

Every case is different so why not book your visit today and see how we can help keep those teeth trouble free and smiling bright.

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