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When considering dental implants, it is very important to make sure of the following three: (1) that the surgeon you see has the relevant postgraduate experience, (2) they have placed a number of dental implants, and, of course (3) that they can present various cases to you as well.

At the clinic, we see various implants done at other clinics, which haven’t gone according to plan because the planning wasn’t done correctly and due to the use of bad quality implants, abutments, crowns or bridges. Truth being told, if you want something to last as long as possible, then the planning and using high quality products are equally very important. You also need to be aware that the mouth is a very harsh environment and that we’re using our teeth many hours a day continuously with high forces and even higher forces than our natural teeth, so it’s very important that it is engineered very well.

Patients’ Cases with Badly Planned and Low-Quality Implants

Case 1:


Here, we can see a patient who had implants done abroad and came to Straight Teeth Suite to fix his problem, which was the outcome of not correctly-done planning (Case 1).
The patient had an upper and lower full-mouth bridge, but unfortunately good-quality implants were not used. In addition, they weren’t placed in the proper position so therefore, no planning was done and no 3D guide was used to allow it to have a good outcome.

Also, the patient’s oral hygiene was very poor so this is stressed to all our patients that if they wish implants, their oral hygiene must be absolutely impeccable. Also, they should be seeing a hygienist every three or every six months to enjoy long-lasting dental implants.

Unfortunately, as you can see in the x-rays, the implant started fracturing within a year and a drastic amount of bone loss occurred because of the poor oral hygiene, poor placement, and the poor quality of the dental implants.

Case 2:

It should be noted that when the implants are placed, the design of the bridge is very important and it has to be designed properly. Again, it’s very crucial to use high quality material to withstand the forces which are being generated in the mouth. But, of course, when you’re doing upper and lower full bridges, it is also paramount to look at the bite in all types of movements, because this will be very important in determining whether the teeth will last as long as possible or you will just get fractures, as in this case.

Sadly, this is a case that came to the clinic where this patient had implants done the year previous at another clinic and unfortunately the planning wasn’t executed well, and the materials used were very cheap, resulting in a poorly-designed bridge that trapped food underneath the bridge, causing inflammation and infection.

Case 3:

This is an example of a recent case that came to us, where a patient had implants done in a clinic in the UK and what happened here was a repeating story. The patient had the implants for just under a year; however, to our surprise, she came into our clinic with the bridge in her hand and the fallen out implants.

The implants had not integrated and bone loss had occurred throughout the implants. She is now undergoing reparative surgery at the clinic and hoping to have new implants in the future, with a properly designed bridge.

When doing your research on implants, it is significant to make sure the surgeons have been qualified, that you are able to see a number of his cases or her cases, and understand that the planning of implants is the most important stage when considering implant treatment. Another thing to consider is that quality always matters in dentistry, which is why you need to have top-notch abutments, crowns, or bridges, so they stand in time. Set aside that, a hygienist will make sure your mouth and overall oral hygiene is perfect, and that you won’t be facing any issues with your implants, so mind seeing one regularly.

As you can see there is plenty to consider, if you want dental implants that will last for many years to come, providing you with a gorgeous smile each time to so desire. A good first step to learn all about missing teeth is to get your Free Missing Teeth Guide. SameDay Teeth Suite also offers you your first consultation, completely for FREE, so you can have all your questions answered, before you realise that you can trust us; just like thousands of other patients around the country have!