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Often patients consult us with teeth that are poorly compromised. They either have dentures or just not-so-great prognosis. In this blog post, let’s discuss the options that you have when you have these dental issues as well as the solutions and options when you have a missing upper or lower teeth or both.

What to do when you lose a tooth or teeth just like this?

You have a number of options:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Dentures
  3. Denture implants
  4. Fixed bridges
  5. Fixed bridges with implants

Let’s talk about this slowly and in detail. First, doing nothing would never cause a positive change to your teeth, to your mouth and to you as a whole. So, we don’t recommend it.

Number two is dentures. Dentures is good when you have a limited budget. However, you do not need to worry on this because we offer a number of payment options.

With Same Day Teeth Suite, we have two types of dentures:

  1. Basic dentures – These are the typical dentures.
  2. BPS (Our advanced dentures) – These are  injection-molded dentures which gives a much superior, better fit. Also is managed properly an occlusion to avoid movement.

Same Day Teeth Suite also offers Swiss dentures which again are injection-molded dentures but are made by doing a gothic hug tracing, so we get that balance occlusion even much better. In simple terms, it uses the aid of post-modern technology to create a much more quality teeth.

The other option that we can give you is dentures on implants or fixed bridges on implants. It’s very important that this is precision fit because if you don’t get precision fit then you can have complications with overloading of implants.

Another thing to consider is your bite forces. This is very important to have something which is durable and very strong to withhold those bite forces. I also talk about how we manage it from a bite perspective so that we don’t have any uneven forces when biting together and causing undue loading. While waiting for  the customised product, patients can also wear a temporary denture, but then I send the bar work and in this case we placed  on top for, in this case, for retrievability,

This is an example of a compromised teeth:

And this is the end result of Same Day Teeth Suite procedures:

You may also visit our Gallery page which displays before and after cases of our patients.

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