Dentures. It’s a word that conjures up images of a set of complete teeth, along with their gums, fizzing away in water during the night. However, the world of prosthetic teeth is actually quite different to how many people imagine it to be, and dentures can come in many forms. So if you’re unhappy or frustrated with your removable dentures then there are solutions available to you.

Dentures – no longer the only option for prosthetic teeth

Whilst the majority of people are still under the impression that removable dentures make for the only option when it comes to prosthetic teeth, there are in fact other solutions that may be far more suitable. Common solutions for tooth loss include a fixed partial denture (commonly known as a ‘bridge’), the removable partial denture and the removable full denture (which is the ‘traditional’ denture). You may also be a suitable patient for a full set of dentures which are securely fixed in the mouth.

The problems with dentures

Whilst dentures are used by millions around the world each and every day, they’re not without their problems and at the Same Day Teeth Suite we regularly hear about how they affect our patient’s day to day lives. One of the most reported issues is that the wearer must contend with their dentures moving in their mouth, and very often have to choose between the food they want and the food that’s suitable for their dentures (which usually means opting for softer foods). Additionally, many find that once they’ve become used to their dentures, the wearer‘s mouth shape has changed and they must be refitted for a new set. This occurs because dentures place a strain on the bones that lie underneath the gum, and daily denture use means that the user suffers bone loss in their jaw which changes the shape of the person’s mouth. These exact problems also occur when the wearer uses removable partial dentures, as the mechanics of the fit are exactly the same.

The alternative to the problems of dentures

With all the problems that denture wearers experience, dentures make for an imperfect solution for those that need prosthetic teeth. So if you find yourself in this situation, whether you’re a wearer of full or partial dentures, then you’ll probably want to know what the other options are. In this instance, a promising option may be a supported full upper denture, where a series of dental implants help support the denture, ensuring that it’s held firmly in place. This solution is perfect for those that are looking for a denture that is free from needing a palate (the guard that sits on the roof of your mouth). It also provides the wearer with teeth that look far more natural than the look that traditional dentures provide. They also protect against bone loss as the fixed denture fuses with the jawline.
Additionally, SameDay Teeth Suite patients that opt for full or partially fixed dentures frequently say that this solution feels far more like their own natural teeth and make for a stable and comfortable solution to an age-old problem.

The Same Day Teeth Suite stay at the very forefront of dental knowledge and technology. With centres in Leicester, Nottingham and Loughborough in the Midlands they help dental care patients find the solution that right for them. If you want to know what your options are when it comes to your prosthetic teeth contact the SameDay Teeth Suite to find out.

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