Unlike traditional dental implants that require time to heal and the patient is required to wear temporary dentures, it is now possible to go home the same day with fixed teeth in place.  They get to go home in Loughborough wearing fixed teeth the very same day the procedure is carried out.  This patient had Teeth in a Day and in this blog we discuss and illustrate the procedure and view the patient’s own testimonial.

The patient came in very nervous and was very apprehensive about her initial visit to the SameDay Teeth Suite due to some bad experiences in her dental history.The dentist was able to reassure her but unfortunately,  for this patient, the majority of her teeth had to be extracted. And, as if that wasn’t enough for her to contend with, the patient really could not stand the idea of wearing dentures for many months while the titanium posts, inserted to take her replacement teeth, healed in place.  We were able to offer her Teeth in a Day that, unlike traditional implants, are ready to take fixed teeth the same day the posts are implanted.

On the upper set, all this patient’s teeth were removed, and five dental implants were placed into the upper jaw. Traditionally we let this heal for approximately two to three months before we load the case and put replacement teeth on top of the implants. In this case, the patient did not wish to have a removable denture for that entire length of time. With Teeth in a Day, after we had placed the posts, we immediately placed a full-arch temporary bridge so  the patient could have a confident smile on the same day without the need for a denture.

After the procedure was completed and the patient was ready to go home, she was issued with a list of important instructions to ensure she made a full recovery and took good care of her implants and her teeth in order she knew how to avoid any complications during the period her temporary bridge was in place. It is important to keep your whole mouth, including the dental implants scrupulously clean.  Brushing at least twice a day, cleaning around the gums with a teepee brush,using a mouthwash at night and keeping your appointments with the hygienist will make sure everything goes according to plan.  And don’t eat anything which will put undue pressure on the implants such as toffees!


The patient was delighted with the result. “ I was delighted to smile again”

Even though the bridge was temporary, she was thrilled she did not have to wear dentures even for a few months and could confidently go about her life while she waited to have her final bridge fitted.

Five months later we made a new permanent bridge and the patient completed the treatment.  Armed with the knowledge, she will need to maintain good oral hygiene and keep regular appointments with a qualified hygienist every three months to ensure her oral health, the longevity of her implants will be ensured.

To listen to what the patient had to say herself view her testimonial here

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