Intravenous Sedation or Conscious Sedation is used to provide a stress-free experience for patients who suffer from the common anxiety dental phobia, the fear of dentists.  Many people are too afraid to visit the dentist, even for simple treatments, and imagine a general anaesthetic would be the answer to their problems.

However, a general anaesthetic is not without risks, making intravenous sedation the better choice.  Dental phobia is a common problem and hinders people from receiving both conventional dental care and more complex dental procedures. Same Day Teeth Suite explains the benefits of sedation dentistry to help you overcome your fears and make the best choice, building trust and restoring your smile.

What are the advantages of intravenous sedation?

The main advantage of intravenous sedation is the patient quickly becomes relaxed and calm but remains in control while receiving pain-free treatment.  IV sedation is safe and potent when administered by a trained professional. The sedative drugs create such a soporific experience, most patients don’t even remember their visit to the dentist. A local anaesthetic will prevent the patient from feeling any pain in the nerves. Injections are administered only when you are already sedated and at ease.

A level of consciousness is maintained with sedation dentistry so you can communicate with your dentist at all times and to keep you safe.  Many patients are unaware their treatment has taken hours to perform and feel they have only been sedated for minutes. Therefore, complex dental procedures that normally require multiple visits can often be performed in one or two visits.

With a general anaesthetic, the patient has to be admitted to hospital where an anaesthetist will administer high doses of the drugs required to render the patient unconscious and oblivious to the entire procedure. However, such a high level of drugs can leave the patient feeling debilitated before they work their way through your system and you get back to normal.

Why is Intravenous Sedation right for you?

If you are afraid of the dentist because you can’t tolerate the drill or injections or for whatever reason, Intravenous Sedation will ensure you receive dental care without anxiety or pain.  Same Day Teeth Suite wants to make dental phobia a thing of the past by introducing their patients to sedation dentistry whenever needed. You remain in control at all times, but you will be totally relaxed and anxiety free.  A General Anesthetic is part of a surgical procedure requiring the added expense of employing an anaesthetist and a hospital theatre.  In addition, you will need to take time off to recover.  Intravenous Sedation is administered in the dentist’s practice, is considerably less expensive and takes little time to recover from.

Because sedation dentistry resolves some of the phobias that prevent people from going to the dentist on a regular basis, sedation dentistry enables patients to receive the care they need but have avoided.  Patients will, with the help they need, start to care for their teeth and oral health before it is too late and they need drastic treatment or lose their teeth.

Choosing your Sedation Dentist

Experience and expertise are of vital importance when choosing a dentist not only to carry out your treatment but to administer intravenous sedation.  Not only are your dentist’s credentials essential but complete trust and communication.  Take your time to select a dentist and meet with them not only to discuss your diagnosis and treatment but your specific needs, in relation to your fears and anxieties.  Ask the dentist what types of sedation they use and how this will be tailored to meet your needs.

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