If the teeth cannot be saved, you will need to have some teeth removed. The next step after that is to replace the missing teeth with a form of fixed tooth replacement, meaning either with high-quality partial dentures or fixed bridges dependable on the quality of the teeth that can hold the bridges. This means that you can have natural looking teeth which are fixed onto your current teeth, which do not require any removable plates. Another option is to have dental implants.
Of course, the gum has to be very healthy and have enough bone, in order for the dental implant to replace teeth and mimic the natural tooth.

What Happens if you Have Advanced Gum Disease?

In case you have advanced gum disease on all your teeth, there is no other option left than, unfortunately, removing all your teeth. After that though, there are things you can do to get your smile back. One option is to have very high-quality dentures, such as BPS or Swiss dentures.

Why BPS or Swiss Dentures?

The advantage of these dentures over national health or standard dentures is that you’re using the highest quality teeth to make it look as natural as possible, so no one distinguishes you have a denture.
What is very unique about these teeth is that there are different moulds, different shapes, and different colours. Therefore, we are able the design them to the patient’s features. Another great thing about these dentures is their engineering properties and the way they are constructed. We are using the highest type of acrylic, called injection moulded acrylic, which means that you get an exquisite suction and very good support of these dentures, reducing the risk of them moving.

That said; BPS and Swiss dentures are carefully constructed in a way that allows the teeth to move from left to right, forward and backward, providing high stability of the dentures, besides an excellent movement.
Other Available Options of Replacing Teeth:

  1. Dentures on Implants

    If you lose all your teeth, then dentures on implants is another excellent solution to your problem. The way dentures are made make them very secure, in a very affordable way. For example, we could use 2-4 implants in the lower jaw to secure the denture. On the upper jaw, we generally use a minimum of 4 implants to achieve the desired results.

  2. Fixed Bridges on Implants

    This is the best way of having fixed teeth so nothing is removed. On the lower and upper jaw, we use a minimum of 6 dental implants to allow us to place a well-crafted, natural looking bridge to replace the missing teeth.

  3. Teeth In A Day

    In specific cases only, the final option for certain patients is a procedure called Teeth In A Day, where the teeth are taken out, let the patient heal for a couple of weeks, before we place an immediate fixed bridge. It is a great way for patients that want to avoid the denture completely.

If you have teeth that cannot be saved, or you think they aren’t salvageable, please contact us to discuss your options and find the best possible solution that will bring your quality of life back and ensure your wide smile for many years!

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