If you follow the rich and famous or read the glossy magazines, or are a fan of the Pogues, you will know Shane MacGowan is as famous for his gummy smile as he is for his signature song Fairytale Of New York.  And if you think his smile is just as gruesome as one of Grimm’s fairy tales, think again.  Shane MacGowan has had oral surgery and dental implants, proving it is never too late to have a new set of teeth and an attractive new smile.  You don’t have to be rich or famous to have your smile renewed with dental implants, and the SameDay Teeth Suite in Leicester will put down the metaphorical red carpet to welcome you.

At the age of 57, the Pogues frontman is showing off his new smile.  Years of partying and the high life had destroyed his teeth. Shane had dentures fitted seven years ago but said they made him, “look like a d**khead.”  Fortunately for Shane and many others like him, missing and infected teeth can now be replaced with dental implants, a new concept in replacement teeth.

Implant dentures are a great solution to missing teeth as, unlike traditional dentures, they look natural, you can eat and speak confidently, and never experience any embarrassing moments with your teeth coming loose.  You can enjoy all your favourite foods and smile for the camera.

The implants are made of tiny titanium posts surgically inserted and fixed in the jaw bone.  They are suitable for single tooth replacement or a whole new set of teeth. It is a painless procedure as your dentist will give you an anaesthetic and you can even have IV sedation ensuring you are deeply relaxed throughout your treatment.  As Shane said, “It was a bit swollen for the first few days but I’m feeling good now. I’m getting used to them now.”

Your new teeth are shaped and coloured, using the best materials, by our expert technicians to suit your face and look perfectly natural.  They also fit and function as natural teeth. The titanium implants hold your teeth firmly in place.

Shortly after the surgery, you should be able to go back to your normal routine. However, the implant needs to integrate with the bone and this usually takes 3- 4 months. The healing time varies from patient to patient. We also offer mini dental implants that are ideal for implant dentures and perfect for those who do not have lots of bone left as they are less invasive, quicker to place and less expensive.

If your implant surgery went well and no complications developed, you can have your implants checked at your normal dental check-ups twice a year. It is also crucial you see a hygienist regularly and to develop a good brushing and oral health routine.

Don’t wait until you feel like Shane MacGowan, “A Wreck Reborn,” but contact the SameDay Teeth Suite in Leicester to discuss your dental implants.

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