A major accident or minor trauma can cause significant injury to your teeth.  Following something as traumatic as a car crash or as trivial as biting on a toffee, missing, dislodged or chipped teeth need immediate attention. The Same Day Teeth Suite will give you a free consultation and a prompt dental examination as it is vital the problem is diagnosed, and appropriate treatment is carried out, without delay before the remaining and adjacent teeth are potentially affected. The dentists have the technology and techniques to skillfully repair your teeth and prevent further problems.

Dental problems take many shapes and forms. Every case is different. You may have lost or cracked your incisors by being hit in the face accidentally with a cricket bat or fractured a tooth the day before your wedding.  The type of treatment required will vary from case to case, but help is at hand.

Tooth Loss Accidents

If you have fractured a large piece from one or more of your teeth, the dentist may decide a crown is the best form of treatment.  A tooth-shaped cap made from a variety of materials, including porcelain, metal, resin or ceramic, is created to fit permanently over your natural, damaged tooth.  Metal crowns are the strongest but porcelain or resin crowns are made to look as natural as your existing teeth.  If the damage is extensive, and most of the tooth has broken off, the dentist may decide to place a pin in the root and create a strong foundation for a crown, holding it permanently in place so it does not cause problems with adjacent teeth, and you can eat and speak normally.

If for any reason, you have accidentally knocked out one of your teeth, or possibly more, it is important to know how to protect the tooth in the event your dentist can re-implant it.  Firstly, make an emergency appointment with your dentist without delay.  Protect the loose tooth until your appointment by rinsing it with milk or salt water and keeping your tooth in your mouth if possible, either in its socket or between your cheek and gum.  Do not handle the tooth by the root, only by the crown. Do not rinse the tooth with plain water or alcohol and, if you can’t keep it in your mouth, put it in a clean container covered with milk or your own saliva.  If you can get to the dentist ideally within an hour of the accident or injury, and the tooth is healthy and properly protected, you have a good chance of saving the tooth.  If the dentist considers it prudent to re-implant, a splint of clear plastic or wire will be fitted to the abutting teeth to hold the implanted tooth in place whilst it heals.

Replacing Teeth

If it is not possible to re-implant your tooth, or you have lost a number of teeth, your dentist may advise an implant, a bridge or dentures. Implants consist of a titanium post, to replace the root, to which a carefully constructed crown is fixed.  This is the favoured method of replacing lost teeth as it is permanent, looks and feels natural and prevents further problems. A bridge may be recommended when more than one tooth needs replacing. A bridge, made of a row of natural looking ceramic teeth, is fixed into place by cementing the bridge to the adjacent remaining teeth.  Dentures, or false teeth, fit into the mouth with a removable frame holding the artificial teeth. Patients with complex or traumatic dental problems can now benefit from a new, simplified procedure known as the all-on-4 system that makes full-arch rehabilitation possible. A fixed bridge, supported by just four dental implants, can be undertaken painlessly in just one day.

Whether you are facing a drama or a crisis, The Same Day Teeth Suite have the solution.  Our sympathetic team will advise the correct treatment and restore your smile, helping you to feel a whole lot better in no time at all.


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