Are you tired of:

  • Having poor fitting dentures?
  • Having dentures which look fake and unrealistic?
  • Being embarrassed by your smile?
  • Looking older because you feel you have a “sunken look”?
  • Being unable to eat your food?
  • Constantly having your dentures move?

Same Day Teeth Suite offers a variety of dentures that can help resolve your issues! Without wasting anymore time, here are our top range dentures!

  1. BPS Dentures

    BPS dentures allow us to use the highest quality available (both teeth and plastic) and we have a wide array of shapes and colours of teeth to suit every profile. The BPS dentures use the SR Ivocap processing system, which uses continuous heat and injection-moulding that allows us to produce dentures that fit comfortably.

    What is more, Ivoclar teeth create a realistic smile; therefore, no one will be able to tell you are wearing dentures. Moreover, compared to the cheaper acrylic teeth, Ivoclar teeth are significantly longer-lasting.

    That being said; we use a STRATOS 300 IVOCALR articulator which allow us to position the teeth in an accurate way to achieve good stability for the dentures. By using this device, we can study your jaw movements accurately from front to back and from side to side. The advantage of this is that this will reduce the movements of your dentures as you eat.

    In short, we not only use high-end materials and techniques, but also ensure your comfort, while you are wearing extremely durable and life-like dentures.

    Steps to Make a BPS Denture
    First and foremost, you will need to book a consultation and have us examine your mouth. Then, we will:

    • Take preliminary impressions utilising the Accu-Dent system-the latest in dentistry.
    • Once we have the final impressions, we use UTS (Universal Transfer System) to implement a Face Bow transfer.
    • Use an intraoral tracking device to have bite registrations. Usually, we use Ivoclar Gnathometer.
    • Finalizing the wax set up
    • Process Ivocap.
    • Insert the dentures.
  2. Swiss Dentures

    The Swiss technique allows us to create a very stable and comfortable denture, especially when incorporated with dental implants. The Swiss dentures use the highest quality material and all the gum and teeth work is made by the leading Swiss dental manufacturer, Candulor. At Same Day Teeth Suite, we also use PHYSIOSTAR NFC Anterior teeth and CONDYLOFORM NFC Posterior teeth. Of course, needless to say, our technician is certified in the construction of the Swiss denture technique.

It has become apparent that denture-related problems are a thing of the past, here at Same Day Teeth Suite! If you want to taste how living a perfectly worry-free life while having dentures is like, please do not hesitate to book your first FREE consultation by Contacting Us here! And, don’t forget to get your FREE Missing Teeth Guide, with valuable and useful information, so you know everything about dentures and implants!

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