Here at the Same Day Teeth Suite, we see many patients with missing front teeth, and it’s no surprise that these patients are extremely concerned with their dental health.

People are put off dentures and are reluctant to get bridges because they feel that their healthy teeth may be cut – something that can cause further problems in the future – but it is important to remember that there are other options to explore before becoming completely resigned to a life of dental discomfort. What we do here is provide people with other ways to treat their dental problems in order to help them recover at a rate that suits them in – our teams working to ensure this happens both the short and long term.

An option we offer as part of these alternative treatments is dental implants. We deal with a large number of people throughout the year, but one particular patient springs to mind. He had an accident that caused him to lose his front tooth, and we explained that implants were an extremely suitable option, along with the more traditional methods of bridges and implants. After much discussion with the patient to work out what they were most comfortable with, we opted to use the implants – something that worked with great success, despite the seriousness of the case.

Before treatment


We carried out a CT scan, took models and made guides to enable us to place the implant in the most accurate position possible to avoid any complications later down the line. Through placing this high-quality implant in the best position within the patient’s mouth, it allowed us to ensure the treatment was able to remain in place for a considerable amount of time after its implementation. Without such planning, the entire procedure would have been a waste of time, leaving the patient in unnecessary discomfort – something our team do their utmost to avoid.

Dental Implant fitted


Three months later, we took an impression of this implant and with this, we were able to make what is known as an abutment. This is made using CAD/CAM technology – in layman’s terms, it’s extremely well built – and is expected to be strong enough to withstand any general wear and tear over a prolonged period of time. The patient goes to see our technician for a computerised shade match, allowing us to get the best possible colour to match the abutting tooth, and the patient is left with a tooth that fits in perfectly with the rest of his mouth – job done.

Natural looking new front tooth


If you feel that your missing tooth or teeth are hindering your day-to-day life and you feel that the options presented to you by your dentist may not be suitable for you, then don’t panic. Here at the Same Day Teeth Suite, our team of professionals are on hand to provide you with comprehensive care that leaves both you and your mouth feeling happy and healthy. Contact us today here and take the first steps towards dental implant treatment.


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