Mini dental implants for better denture stability in Nottingham - image

At the Same Day Teeth Suite, we see many patients who don’t have enough bone on the lower ridge for dental implants. In quite a few cases, the patient has been wearing a denture for many years, which has resorbed the bone, making it very thin. Of course, they end up with having loose dentures, which can affect their confidence because the dentures are moving around, preventing them from eating food correctly. Not being able to enjoy their food, has a direct impact on their digestive system, as well.

Solutions Available for Denture Stability

There are various types of restorations and implants that have been widely used for the last 25 years to treat denture-stability problems, with mini dental implants being the Nr. 1 choice of them all, mainly for the efficiency and excellent results achieved. At SameDay Teeth Suite, we use mini dental implants to correct this issue.

Mini dental implants are very thin implants, which are catered for patients who have very thin bone and want to have support for their dentures. Mini dental implants, usually, consist of small implants made of titanium alloy that act as the tooth’s root. In addition, a retaining fixture is incorporated in the denture’s base and acts like a socket. With relatively quick and easy procedures the denture is seated gently in the tissue of the gums, and you will feel it’s been firmly in place from the first moment.

By placing a number of mini dental implants and having a well-constructed denture with high-quality materials, our patients smile with confidence again. Needless to say, their teeth have a natural look they absolutely adore! Yes, we know that aesthetics has to be great, too! So, we offer our patients with dentures that do not move, which allows them to eat the majority of foods, while looking awesome, at the same time.

Things to Consider

When the treatment is completed, it is imperative that a patient understands that oral hygiene has to be impeccable. This means you will need to see a dental hygienist every three months for the maintenance of these mini implants if you want to help prolong their life. Set that aside, you will need to take care of your dentures the way you’d do with your natural teeth. Your dentist will fill you in and you will know exactly how to keep plaque and food off your denture after meals, so your gums stay healthy, your denture always seats correctly, and you don’t lose retention.

Dental implant therapy, and mini dental implants in particular, comprises one of the most significant advances in dentistry over more than 2 decades now, leaving nothing but happy patients that have seen an incredible improvement in the quality of their life. Want to bring confidence back and enjoy long-term stability while having your dentures? Call our SameDay Teeth Suite clinic on 01509 323420 or fill in the contact form and let’s book your first consultation (completely FREE of charge) to assess your case and go through the best options for you!