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It is very important when having dental implants that the planning of cases are done properly to make sure that everything runs smoothly and therefore effectively, meaning that your dental implants will last a very long time.

Also, what’s very important when researching for future dental implants is to look at the qualifications of the person who’s placing the dental implants, the surgeon, but also asking them to show examples of cases because that will give you an idea of the quality of work they produce.

Another important step is when the dental implants are completed that you see a hygienist every three to six months. This is vital because this will increase the longevity and the prognosis of the dental implants you have. At the Sameday Teeth Suite in Loughborough all our patients see a hygienist every three to six months. It’s very important to see a good quality hygienist because of course they need to know what they’re doing in terms of keeping the implants clean because it is slightly different from keeping natural teeth clean.

Research shows that by looking after these teeth, just by brushing alone, using a mouthwash and flossing, is only about 40 to 50 percent effective in removing bacteria. It’s very important to see a hygienist regularly to make sure that those implants last as long as possible.

The analogy that we use at the clinics to explain the importance of seeing the hygienist regularly is: we take a car for a regular servicing and the reason why we do this is to prolong the life of the car. The same thing should be associated with dental implants. By having it regularly serviced we can increase the longevity of our investment.

It is very important when seeing the hygienist that specialized instruments are used to clean the implants because of course we do not want to use the wrong instrument which can scratch the implant. Therefore when choosing your hygienist you should find out if they are qualified in looking after the implants and they have the necessary skills to make sure that the implants are clean. Not all hygienist have this so it is very important to make sure this is done. At our Loughborough, Leicester and Nottingham clinics we have a qualified hygienist who looks after your implants very well.

Tips to care for your implants from the hygienist

What dictates implants will last for a long time is the quality of the dental implants. There are a variety of dental implants available and there are various companies which produce dental implants. We always recommend the high quality implants which are the ones produced by companies that have been around a long time because they have spent millions of pounds on research making sure their products last as long as possible. This is all incorporated in the design of the dental implant. Various different types of implants have different surfaces and they are treated in different ways. Therefore they have research which shows how this affects the integration to the bone and therefore the longevity of the dental implant.

Also the quality of the implant abutment will affect that the dental implant will not get infected and fail. There are various types of abutments available. At the clinic we try to stay with a lot of cad cam abutments meaning that abutments are milled by computers which makes a very precision fit so there are no micro gaps leading to potential failure. Also by using good quality materials means that they are very strong, withstanding the bite forces which are placed on it.

What we have to remember is the bite forces on an implant are much more than the bite forces on a natural tooth so it has to be engineered very well to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

Finally the design of the crown and the bridge is very important.

  • This will be reflected on the material choice which is very important.
  • Also the experience of the technician is vitally important because you get your junior technicians and you get your master technicians and all have different levels of experience. This also dictates the quality of the finished product, but also exactly how long it will last.

What we have to remember is that what we do not want are bulky crowns or bulky bridges, or crowns or bridges which are inaccessible for flossing or keeping clean underneath them. What is very important is the design of the crowns and bridges.

Again our deluxe crowns and bridges are made by cad cam technology, so therefore they’re designed on computers and milled by computers before they are placed in your mouth.

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