Besides the confidence you gain back when having dental implants and the aesthetically pleasing outcome, there are numerous other advantages. For example, dental implants (if the right high-quality materials are used) are the next best thing to natural healthy teeth. If someone loses a tooth, their options are either to have a denture, which is something that covers the palate or a large area of the lower jaw and can be cumbersome, or a dental bridge, which would involve cutting the adjacent teeth. Other benefits include:

Allows you to Enjoy Life

You don’t have to worry about your social life. We see many patients that come to our practice with problems, such as their dentures flying out while they speak, being loose, or having to wear messy Polygrip to hold it in. There are also several patients that have dentures to replace one or many teeth. Imagine if you had to go to a restaurant and be constantly concerned with what you can eat or that the denture might pop out when you speak!

They are natural-looking

If top quality materials are not used, dentures do not have a natural-looking outcome. However, we all know that the aesthetics of the teeth is important when wearing dentures. A dental implant is a fixed replacement that allows a patient to engage in their everyday interaction, speak, dine, etc. and be confident in them all. To accomplish that, there is only one way: use high-quality materials to make the teeth look as natural as possible.

They Maintain the Shape of your Face

When people lose a lot of their teeth or all of their teeth, their face can sag or appear sunken in. Dental implants will allow to maintain the shape of the bone and thus the face and smile. This, in turns, also affects your overall mood.

They can last long

As previously mentioned, dentures, when high-quality materials have been used, have an excellent outcome. They are perceived to be a real solution for the future, replacing traditional bridges that can last long as well, but it involves the cutting down of healthy adjacent teeth that may be affected in the future. With dental implants, no adjacent teeth are affected in any way. With proper care and hygiene, as well as seeing a hygienist regularly, dental implants can last up to 10 years or longer.

They don’t affect your speech & eating.

When people lose their teeth and they have to wear dentures, their speech is sometimes impaired because the denture covers a large surface area of the mouth and on many occasions covers the entire palate. With dental implants, this is a thing of the past. Plus, you can eat practically anything you want, and enjoy your foods and the flavours, because your taste sensations are not affected as they do with dentures that cover the palate. In addition, if a denture is not supported well, it might move around. So, you would not be able to eat food which requires a lot of chewing if the denture comes out. Dental implants are fixed, so no worries there.

You protect healthy teeth

If you have missing teeth and want to consider a bridge, you have to cut the adjacent teeth. With dental implants, you don’t have to cut healthy teeth. Therefore, you are protecting other teeth for the long term.

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