implant-denture-solutions-10You may have already decided to outsource your retirement to some exotic, far-off land, imagining a life of leisure.  You may invest in expensive face creams to give yourself a tonic and postpone wrinkles, or a new sports car to give yourself a pick-me-up, but nothing is as ageing as teeth with little black holes or unsightly amalgam fillings.  Same Day Teeth Suite can give your life a boost with new fillings and you can start looking forward to so many new beginnings. Life and love can begin again if your teeth are in good health and you can flaunt a beautiful smile.

Perhaps you have existing amalgam fillings you would like replaced, or have nagging pain that is so debilitating, and you suspect you need a new filling. Not all teeth can be restored or the holes filled, but your dentist will advise you as to the best course of treatment, what can be done to repair or restore your fillings and, alternatively, informing you if you need a different course of treatment such as a crown.  If there is evidence of a cracked filling, or if you have lost a filling, it is important to get to a dentist as soon as possible before bacteria can damage the nerve area, and you need more extensive and costly treatment.

If one, or more, of your teeth, has been damaged by tooth decay, and the decay has been removed by your dentist to ensure it is healthy, it has to be repaired.  Once upon a time, the only option was an amalgam filling that not only looks unattractive but does not protect the nerve of the tooth in the same way as modern fillings do.  All of us of certain age will have had our teeth filled with unsightly metal fillings that blacken over time. Amalgam can also cause a number of problems, including bad reactions from the mercury once contained in the mix.  These fillings can be removed and replaced unless they are very large and then it might be better to have the filling changed for an inlay. You will not only look better but feel healthier with new fillings.

Fillings can now be made of a white material that looks more natural with your healthy teeth and can make the repair look almost invisible, giving you a beautiful smile and restoring your confidence.  New fillings are now made of a material called gloss ionema, or a better quality composite material that is made of silica and acrylic with resins.

New fillings are a great investment primarily in your health, but also in your happiness, and self- esteem. Book a FREE consultation at Same Day Teeth Team and make a new start.

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