Dental Implants

Many patients at some time in their lives fracture one or more of their teeth in an accident.  It is an unfortunate state of affairs which can not only look unsightly, spoiling your smile, but can cause problems in the future to the health of the adjacent teeth. To repair the damage you can have a denture, bridge, or a dental implant.  You might decide to do nothing at all but this would be unwise. The SameDay Teeth Suite in Loughborough can help you understand your options and make a decision, as we did for this patient with a broken tooth.

A Patients’s Casestudy

This patient attended the clinic for a detailed consultation.  A CT scan was required, as a conventional x-ray was not sufficient.  We use the CT scan to produce a three-dimensional image of the teeth, soft tissue, nerves and bones in a single scan.  From this three-dimensional model, we can see exactly where to place the implant, avoiding structures and assessing the health and quality of the gum tissue before considering a dental implant,  making surgery predictable and safe.  

There are various factors which have to be investigated before a dental implant is placed. An implant is a tiny titanium post inserted into the jawbone to replace the root of the fractured tooth. A crown or cap, made to resemble a natural tooth both in appearance and function, is screwed or bonded onto the implant.  If the protocol is not followed when considering a dental implant, disasters can happen in the future.  

Dental Implants

The patient was found to be a suitable candidate for a dental implant.  She attended for surgery and the implant was accurately inserted into the jaw in exactly the right position for the new crown.  If this is not achieved correctly, the result could be jeopardised by a poor aesthetic effect and an unattractive smile.

In this case, it was prudent for the patient to wait for the implant to heal before the crown was fixed to the implant.  With some patients we can place the implant and affix the crown immediately but, as each case is individual, not everybody will be able to go home the same day with their new crown. It is more important to allow the bone to heal so it is strong enough to take the force of your bite.

Two months later the patient’s implant was checked to see if the implant had integrated with the bone.  The implant was successful and we took the impressions for the crown. The impressions were then sent to our skilled technicians in the laboratory to make the crown. The impressions were then scanned into their software and, after a consultation with the patient for a detailed colour mapping, the tooth was made to fit accurately in size, shape and colour.  The crown not only fitted perfectly, looked good but functioned as well as the natural tooth.

The patient was delighted.

Implants  implants  implants

If you need a fractured tooth repaired, contact the SameDay Teeth Suite in Loughborough for a consultation.


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