At the SameDay Teeth Suite in Nottingham we see patients who need dentures and one of the first things they worry about is how well their new teeth will actually fit. It used to be, dentures were often loose and caused problems, especially when it came to eating.

With advances in modern technology we can now provide patients with a far more comfortable experience, including a more realistic smile as well as a long lasting solution to their dental problems.

One of the key factors in getting a good fit for dentures is to take a highly accurate impression. At the SameDay Teeth Suite we use silicon, which allows us to develop dentures with a much closer fit. Another thing that can affect how well a denture performs and the level of comfort is the state of the jaw line, and whether there has been any deterioration in the bone as a result of conditions such as gum disease.

The Problem with Normal Dentures

Traditional dentures are made from a standard impression and often don’t take the bite of the patient into account, something that can affect the fit over time. For quality dentures taking a primary impression is only the start of the process; we also measure things like your bite and monitor how the jawbone moves when eating.

Most people don’t know that dentures can be produced in various styles to suit both younger and more mature people, so that the teeth look perfectly natural for their age and appearance. We use injection-moulded acrylic material, which provides a much better fit and much more stable dentures.

High Quality Dentures

To help make sure dentures fit more securely we often like to include two or more implants to which the denture can be fitted, which provide a more solid platform, though this is not always possible with all clients. This is much more important for the lower denture and maintains a better fit and, more importantly, ensures comfort for the patient.

With normal full dentures, over time the lower set creates a flat ridge that makes it difficult for them remain stable. New Swiss Dentures that fit to the lower jaw allow for a more functional set of false teeth, which work better and give their owners more confidence, even if there is some problem with the underlying bone that prevents implants. This is important if you want your confidence back.

High quality dentures also last much longer, although of course this depends on the state of your jaw and whether there is any deterioration in the bone. At the SameDay Teeth Suite in Nottingham we’ve seen many patients opt for designs such as Swiss Dentures, which have literally transformed their lives. The process is carried out by our trained dental professionals, whose job is to put you at ease. The process involves assessing your teeth, jaw and bite as well as matching your new teeth to your age and physical complexion.

If you want a smile that is made to last, then book your visit today and see how we can help you.

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