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You may or may not wonder about how accurate a dental implant is in fixing dental problems such as missing teeth. In this post, I will be discussing the procedures our clinic do for our dental implant patients and in detail, the importance of CT scan.

In majority of our implant cases, we take a CT scan and the way we explain it to my patients is that, it is useful to use a CT scan to  to know exactly how much bone we’re dealing with so we can plan and study the patient’s case very well.

CT scan-guided implant planning helps the surgeon place the implants in the most accurate position possible and the restorative dentists to restore your teeth with precision and accuracy for optimal cosmetic and functional results. By this we mean that your new teeth is not solely for making your smile look better but making your teeth fully functional and lasting for a long time.

CT scan also helps avoid nerves, or blood vessels, and various other vital structures, and therefore give me the most optimal cosmetic result.

The benefits of a CT scan are:

  • Precision implants
  • Improved diagnosis
  • Safer surgery
  • Less invasive surgery and
  • Treatment accuracy

In our Loughwood practice, we’ve got a CT scanning machine, and of course in a normal hospital a normal CB CT will probably cost about £300, but at our clinic we only charge around £120 for a CT scan.

When we get the scan, it allows us to accurately measure the width of the bone and the height of the bone. Here’s an example where we are getting a good view of the cross-section of a premolar region.

This picture allows us to see not only the exact height and the exact width but also the pathology which gives us detail about the sinus especially in the lower posterior cases and the upper posterior cases. Findings could be that some patients may require an internal sinus  or external sinus or may not require any at all.

Finally, the CT scans allows us to plan the case in a 3D assessment which tells us where to place the implants and the restorations. Here’s an example of the 3D CT scan result.

It goes to say that CT scan provides extreme accuracy when doing dental implants rather than just going blind and putting it anywhere. There are also difficult cases such as when people hit their teeth with the other teeth, or hit vital structures as well, like IDB or mental nerve, or hit through the sinus that requires more study and precision, CT scan is inevitable in these cases.

The most important phase after that is the making of a surgical guide to allow us to do a restorative driven plan and allows us to place the implants in the most accurate position. As a result, we have a good profile for the restructured crown or the structured bridge.

As a whole, the treatment plan initially starts with the CT scan and then the next step would be to do what we call a bite analysis and surgical stents. Placing the implants on their proper places follow suit.

As you can see, we make sure that your Implant Denture Solutions is high-caliber. We value the trust our patients give us.

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