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Loose dentures definitely affect your confidence and your social interactions. We see many people, here at SameDay Teeth Suite, who come with loose dentures and confess that they are overly concerned when going out to dine or other events about their dentures popping out. They are also unable to enjoy their food as dentures move around their mouth. We understand their situation completely.
Besides having a negative impact on your confidence, low-quality dentures look fake. The secret to a natural-looking denture is using quality materials. In any other case, the result is frustrating.

Why Implant Retained Dentures

However, if you are facing similar problems, do not worry because we have the solution. An excellent way to overcome the issues above is to use implant retained dentures. The main advantage of implant retained dentures is that implants can be placed in the upper and lower jaw to hold the dentures, so no movement occurs. Of course, using high quality dentures on top of the implants, such as BPS or Swift dentures, which are the best in the current market, will get you the natural look you need to the point that no one will be able to tell you are actually wearing dentures. Since each denture is individual to the patient, during your consultation and treatment appointment, we discuss the various types of teeth and colours, before they are made, in order to achieve that desired result.

How to maintain your Implant Retained Denture

In terms of maintenance, it is crucial the patient sees a hygienist every 3 months, to look after their implants. Other than that, having a good regular hygiene overall helps significantly to reduce and prevent unwanted issues with your denture. For that reason, it is advised to brush your teeth twice a day, using floss of TePe brushes, as well as a mouthwash, to keep the implants that support the dentures for a very long time.

Why SameDay Teeth Suite for your Implant Retained Denture?

With all our dentures, we provide an excellent aftercare service that can be available if the patient so wishes. On top of that, SameDay Teeth Suite offers a 12-month guarantee for all the work done. Up to this day, we have treated thousands of patients with this treatment modality, for which we are very proud. That said; giving our patients the confidence and smile back is definitely something worth working for, because we care for our patients overall well-being, besides their oral health. So, eat all the foods your heart desires without worrying about your dentures anymore. Socialise and feel free again, with our top-quality dentures and if you are having problems with a denture you had in the past that has got loose, now you know we have the best solution for you.

There is no reason to be withdrawn from the things that make you happy, now that there are so many sophisticated, high-end solutions to every problem related to your teeth and dentures! If you want to learn more about dentures, please call us on 01509 323420 to book your FREE consultation. For any other queries, you can always contact us!