At the Same Day Suite we see a lot of patients with a variety of teeth and gum problems which have lead to them needing to have their teeth replaced. In these cases, we use implants that can either replace individual teeth or provide a firm base for dentures.

The experience of a patient we had recently might shed some light on how the Same Day Suite can help with problems such as these. The lady concerned went to the NHS originally where she had two teeth removed, one at the front of her mouth and another a little further inside. Her concern was that they had given her a denture that, though it looked okay in the mirror, left her feeling self-conscious because it didn’tF feel right.

This is often the case with NHS services because they are there to provide a more rudimentary solution rather than one that is cosmetically pleasing and feels and look like a normal tooth. At the Same Day Suite, our aim is to find the right tooth replacement solution that is tailor made for the individual. The patient, after enduring her NHS teeth for some time, saw an advert for the clinic and decided to give it a try.

She was particularly attracted by the financing that enabled her to spread payments for the new teeth over a period of time and the fact that there was no big hurry to get her in and ‘signed up’. As will all patients at the clinic she was given a full and honest appraisal and all her questions about the procedure were answered by a qualified dentist.

Though the patient was convinced that she wanted to go ahead, her relatives were less enthusiastic, something that is common in many families. There are plenty of horror stories out there about bad practice and poorly fitting implants to put a lot of people off. At the Same Day Suite, we try to go that extra mile and give our patients all the information they need to make an informed decision. There’s no pressure to commit and patients can go away and think about it as much as they like.

The patient did decide to go ahead with the implant procedure, primarily because she felt she had lost too much confidence and wanted it back. She was fed up with putting her hand over her mouth when she laughed. The implants were put in over a period of a few weeks with time for the titanium implants to heal and then the new teeth inserted with the colour matching the rest of the patient’s teeth.

Having an implant put in can make a big difference to a person’s sense of worth and general well-being. As the patient told us after the procedure was carried out: “It’s not just the physical, it is a mental process as well, that makes me feel so much better. It doesn’t matter about your age either. I’m quite old and people would say, ‘Well, it doesn’t matter, you’re old now.’ But, it does matter.”

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