Some patients have complex problems and, although they want to straighten their teeth to improve their image and self-esteem, are under the impression they can’t have braces if they already have a crown or a bridge. They believe it is either one thing or another.  Not true.  The Same Day Teeth Suite are happy to correct this misconception and correct your smile.

The first step in repositioning your teeth involves a consultation with the dentist to see what is wrong, be it crooked teeth, uneven teeth, gaps or overcrowding, and to take x-rays to check the overall health of your teeth.  A full examination will determine the stability of an existing crown or bridge, and any other dental work, before treatment commences.  The dentist will discuss with you what is possible, what is probable and what you want to achieve with the end result.


This patient was very embarrassed by his smile, the position of his teeth and the unnatural crown on his central incisor.  He wanted to improve the cosmetic appearance of his teeth and his image.  Self-confidence is an important factor with everyone who wants straight teeth and none of us want to be ashamed when we open our mouth to speak or smile for the camera. A humiliating smile can be so debilitating and can now be repaired discreetly, no matter your age.

After examination of the mouth and proper discussion and planning, it was decided this patient was to have braces to straighten his teeth.  Once the teeth were straightened, he followed on with whitening treatment to improve the colour of his teeth and a high-quality crown, to replace the unsightly crown on his upper central tooth, enhancing the final result.


What a difference!  It is not surprising this patient is delighted with the end result and is happy to show you his new and natural smile.

Brace treatment is a commitment. It is very important the patient wears a retainer every night or every second night following treatment for the rest of life to prevent the teeth from moving and returning to their original position.  But fear not, retainers are no longer as uncomfortable as you might have once imagined.

Take a step in the right direction and book an appointment at the Same Day Teeth Suite for a FREE consultation.

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