Dental Implants and Teeth Straightening case study in Leicester

One of the many reasons adult visit a dental practice is to improve their cosmetic smile. In fact, several of our patients here at Sameday Teeth Suite Leicester first contacted us to become familiar with the cosmetic procedures we implement in our practice. We know how having a great white smile can significantly affect your overall mood and how having crooked or misaligned teeth may prevent you from engaging with others, because you feel embarrassed showing your smile. Therefore, we have been trained to the most revolutionary and discreet methods that can give you back what is rightfully yours: your gorgeous and heartily smile.
Do not fear that the procedure is painful or time-consuming, and, of course, do not feel the least bit worried about the effectiveness of the methods we use, as results not only speak louder than any words, but are quite deafening!

Sameday teeth suite high-quality dental implant

Here is a case where the patient attended wanting to improve the appearance of her teeth. What we can see from this case is that her teeth were proclined and she had a gap in between her teeth (She had a space on the upper right canine and she had a very deep bite). The deep bite, the proclination of the teeth, and the gap in the teeth were corrected by teeth straightening. In this specific case, we used thin braces.

When this was completed, we placed a high-quality dental implant in the upper right canine area. This could be achieved because, of course, the lower tooth was not in the way as you can be seen in the photo.

sameday teeth dental implant

When placing a dental implant, we initially took a CT scan to give us a 3D image of the bone to allow us to accurately predict the implant in the correct position. By using a high-quality dental implant as well as a high-quality ceramic abutment, we can have a great result, which blends into the rest of the smile.

When the case was completed, we gave the patient a retainer which is to be worn every night so that her teeth do not move. It is crucial after dental implant is carried out, the patient sees a hygienist every 6 months. This allows to prolong the life of the tooth and to cause no possible complications. The end result is excellent and the patient was, obviously, very pleased with it.

sameday teeth suite dental implant loughborough

Investing in your smile is unquestionably a rewarding experience! Find out about dental implants and teeth straightening, and feel you are in safe hands when it comes to your dental health and appearance of your mouth and smile.

Contact us NOW, book your FREE first consultation and get your FREE missing teeth guide, to step into a beautiful era filled with lots of things to smile for!

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