Losing teeth can be a knock to your self-confidence especially as you get older. At the Same Day Teeth Suite, we’ve got plenty of experience in dealing with patients who want to see their smiles transformed.

In truth, most people don’t look forward to their visit to the dentist – it seems the natural state for a large number of us. Fortunately, we pride ourselves in putting all our patients at complete ease. Such was the case with one particular patient who admitted to a few jitters when he attended the clinic:

“I was apprehensive. I wasn’t quite sure what would be entailed but things worked out as well as I could have expected.”

Our first step in any treatment or appointment is to make sure the patient is relaxed and realises they are in a secure environment with qualified professionals who know what they are doing. That comes not just from our clinicians but also the nurses and support staff on site. Much of the problem with any dental procedure including extraction and putting in implants is the fear that it will hurt. With the latest techniques we can assure patients that they won’t be put in the position where they are suffering – and at the end of it all they will have a smile they can show the world. This particular patient was to have one tooth removed and two implants installed to his lower teeth.

It’s a relatively simple procedure nowadays and one that can be done quickly and without the long period of discomfort that used to be characteristic of days gone by. Most of this comes from the preplanning stage where our clinicians produce a 3D guide that allows us to place and create your implants accurately.

For single tooth replacements there are a number of options available:

  • A crown that acts as a cap over your existing tooth and can protect it from further wear
  • A single bridge that can fill the gap between a number of missing teeth
  • Single implants made of titanium onto which the new tooth is then attached

For our patient, the option was to have single implants and he was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly everything went:

“I’ve certainly had no problems at all and everything’s gone to plan. Everything’s gone on time and I am very happy with the result. I had a tooth removed, two implants and my front teeth, my lower front teeth now are very much like they were before, even maybe looking better.”

Even though he was a little apprehensive at first, like many other patients, he was very pleased with the result and can now enjoy smiling again without people noticing a gap or a fake tooth.

At the Same Day Teeth Suite, we know how important your smile is. We meet a lot of people who have been initially nervous about visiting the dentist, especially those in their 50s who perhaps think there is no point in having treatment. It’s surprising how something like a dental implant can transform someone’s self-confidence and give them a new lease of life.

If you want to find out how quick and easy it is to have an implant then contact us at the Same Day Teeth Suite today.

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