Benefits and low downs of dental implants - image

Not everybody is happy with dentures. Some people don’t like the idea of them and others find them difficult to wear comfortably. For these people, dental implant dentures are an ideal solution.
While the process is longer than conventional dentures, it can be a life-enhancing route which offers greater confidence when eating, increased comfort and a self-assured smile. Why not contact us at Same Day Teeth Suite, Nottingham, Leicester and Loughborough to explore whether replacement teeth through the means of implant dentures could change your life for the better?

How dental implants work

A small titanium screw acts to replace the root portion of a missing natural tooth. This fuses with the jaw bone and anchors a replacement tooth in either the top or bottom jaw. Dental implants can serve to replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth.

Dental implant benefits

  • Better oral health because other teeth are not altered to support the replacement as is the case with a bridge so better oral hygiene is possible.
  • An improved appearance through dental implants that look and feel like your own teeth, blending well with surrounding teeth and giving you a natural healthy appearance.
  • Enhanced speech through natural dentition – unlike dentures that don’t fit the mouth perfectly, dental implants allow you to speak natural with no tendency to slur or mumbles.
  • Greater comfort than with removable dentures because this permanent solution never rubs or causes pain.
  • Easier eating as a result of implants – there’s no problem chewing food because implants are anchored securely to the jaw unlike dentures which can move around in the mouth.
  • Higher self-esteem – since how we look as a huge effect on how we feel, having a great natural smile is bound to lead to generally higher self-esteem.
  • Durability is guaranteed with this dental technology – many people find that their implants, properly cared for, last a lifetime.
  • Convenience through permanence because you never have to remove implants or deal with messy adhesives or specialist cleansing systems. Implants are just like natural teeth to care for.
  • Flexibility as a result of the range of options available. Once an implant is established, it can support a bridge, permanent denture or crowns according to need and preference.

Dental Implant Disadvantages

  • Placing implants requires minor surgery.
  • Multiple appointments are necessary to achieve the final outcome.
  • The cost can be higher than other replacement tooth systems.
  • Fractures of crowns and bridgework are more common with implant systems because there is no inbuilt shock-absorber for implant teeth, unlike natural teeth.
  • The lack of nerves in an implant can lead to it feeling ‘dead’.
  • While implants are permanent they are not lifelong trouble-free solutions and will require daily care from the patient and maintenance by a dentist.
  • Gum disease is a possibility where implants are installed alongside existing (untreated) gum problems or if the patient doesn’t look after them probably.

While complications are possible, undertaking regular tooth care and addressing any changes as soon as they are noticed will deliver a lifetime of confidence and security as a result of dental implants.