Missing teeth can be unsightly and lead to dental pain. Dentures are one option, but for many people removable dentures don’t meet all their needs. Permanent replacement teeth in the form of implants are a definite solution but can be a long-drawn out and painful process.
The traditional route to implants was to undergo a series of operations; first to remove teeth, then possibly a sinus lift to augment the bone of the upper jaw and even if that wasn’t necessary, there was always an interim period in which dentures must be worn: an annoying and often frustrating temporary arrangement. The time, effort and costs of such treatment can all be daunting and the loss of confidence and enjoyment in life that results from temporary denture wear can be truly distressing.

Same Day Replacement Teeth

New technology and ground-breaking surgical procedures have led to markedly better approaches to the creation of new permanent teeth – in fact, it is now possible to have permanent teeth fitted in 24 hours.
“All-on-Four” is an innovative technological system which, in the hands of an experienced surgeon, can deliver painless permanent teeth the very same day. Structured around just four dental implants per jaw, a highly individual set of replacement teeth is crafted. The whole process takes place under sedation so the patient has a painless and relaxed procedure and 24 hours later, a complete set of permanent teeth.

All-on-Four: how it works

Because the “All-on-Four” system rarely requires the sinus lift procedure that is commonplace for traditional implants it can be more cost-effective as well as simpler and quicker. An initial dental consultation and full jaw radiograph launch the process. A CT scan may be required to assess jaw bone density in order to anchor implants and a comprehensive examination is always undertaken to ensure there are no hidden problems that could inhibit the success of the permanent teeth.
While the placement of the implants is broadly similar to traditional implants, being carried out under local anaesthetic, the location of the implants offers a radical improvement in dental stability. Two implants located in the front of the mouth benefit from maximum jaw bone density while two at the rear of the mouth are placed at a forty-five degree angle which provides optimum stability and anchorage and has the added benefit – in the upper jaw – of averting any maxillary sinus problems which traditionally required a sinus lift.

All-on-Four: the benefits

As a result of these advances in dental care and implant technology, there is no waiting time to allow healing. The “All-on-Four” implant system allows the client to go home with their new permanent teeth in place within 24 hours. Life returns to normal for the dental patient who can dine out, smile for photographs and relax into their daily routine, confident that their new permanent teeth will allow them to enjoy their work, hobbies and social life to the full.
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