For people who have lost their teeth, wearing wobbly dentures can be a painful, inconvenient and awkward experience. Regular dentures can make chewing difficult and can stop you eating all the foods you used to enjoy. Remember the days when you used to be able to go on a night out with friends and enjoy an evening at your favourite restaurant?

Whether it’s a casual catch-up with friends or an important family reunion, the worry that your denture could accidentally slip out at any given moment can cause unnecessary stress in any type of social gathering. Implant retained dentures just might be your ticket to win back your social confidence and peace of mind.

If this is you, here are some of the essential factors you will want to know when considering an Implant retained denture:

What is an implant retained denture?

An Implant retained denture is a fixed version of a regular denture as it is implanted into your jaw instead of just simply resting on your gums like a regular denture would. A small titanium screw is fitted in place to hold and secure the denture to both your upper and lower jaw.

There are a number of options available and at the SameDay Teeth Suite your Dentist and Clinical dental technician will discuss all of these with you on your initial consultation.

What are the benefits?

  • Denture adhesive will be a thing of the past
  • Your dentures will be more stable
  • No more sore areas from the continued movement of your denture
  • No coverage of the roof of your mouth allowing you to taste better
  • An increase in your biting force allowing you to once again eat foods you had forgotten about
  • Improved speech

One additional benefit that people often overlook is that wearing one can help you avoid any further bone loss that may occur subsequent to the Implant being fitted.  This will prevent changes to your facial structure and help keep everything in place, giving you the perks of not only a beautiful smile but also keep you looking more youthful.

What to do next?

If you are ready to take the first step to saying goodbye to discomfort and embarrassment. We’re here to advice and answer any questions you may have about any element of the procedure. Our expert staff will be able to provide you with an individual consult to discuss your situation and help get back the smile you deserve.

Contact us for your FREE consultation and begin your journey to a happy and secure future.

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