Those of us who delay can remember all the lost chances, missed deadlines, and failures we incurred just because of our nasty habit of putting things off until it is often too late.  However, despite the temptation to procrastinate, when it comes to replacing a missing tooth, there are serious consequences.  The Same Day Teeth Suite will alert you to the dangers of hesitation and replace your missing tooth straight away.

When you lose a tooth through injury or decay, you are at risk of:

  • Adjacent teeth drifting into the space provided by the missing tooth.
  • Causing difficulties in cleaning teeth and oral hygiene.
  • An unattractive smile.
  • Developing a lisp or other speech impediment.
  • Developing a poor bite and chewing efficiency.
  • Bone loss.

Act now, to avoid any or all of these problems in the future.  Avoiding treatment will not help you to escape any of these issues. Eventually, they will catch up with you.  Perhaps it is one of your back teeth that is missing. Just because nobody else can see the unsightly gap when you smile does not make it a case of out of sight, out of mind.

There are many options to replace your missing tooth or teeth, and each has their benefits.  There are long-term implications on your oral health, whichever option you choose.  Dental implants are definitely a great way of replacing teeth because they do not involve cutting down adjacent teeth and wearing a denture, a removable appliance.  Dental implants, both in the way they function and look, are the closest thing to a natural tooth.

If you were to delay in replacing your missing tooth, you would make fitting a dental implant much more challenging and the opportunity might be missed altogether.  The problem is that over time the bone will shrink and the implant, a tiny titanium post, will be very difficult to fit into the shrunken jaw bone. It is possible, with today’s technology, to overcome this problem with a minor bone graft before surgically fitting the implant.  Not only is this a more complex procedure but a more expensive one.  You can save yourself time, money and distress by acting immediately.

Implants replace the roots of your teeth. Made of titanium, because it is unlikely to be rejected, the implant is fitted into your bone socket in place of the missing root. A crown, or cap,  is then bonded or screwed to the implant to make it look just like your natural tooth in shape, size and colour and fills the gap of the missing tooth and is what you will see.  The crown not only looks natural but functions in strength and bite in the same way as real teeth.

Our crowns are made by our skilled and experienced technicians to suit your face and to fit and function naturally.  The crowns are made from different materials which not only dictate the final effect but the cost.  If you are delaying replacing missing teeth for fear of how the treatment will impact on your budget, we offer a financial plan to suit everyone.

If you are missing a tooth and need it replaced immediately, contact the Same Day Teeth Suite.

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