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There are a few things that can make you self-conscious or spoil your smile. Missing teeth or having noticeable gaps between your teeth can not only change the way you look but how you feel about yourself. If you live in Leicester, the way to a brand new smile is with the Same Day Teeth Suite who provide a wide variety of dental treatments that can solve almost all your problems.

For missing teeth, by far the most popular option is to choose a dental implant, something that appears as close to your real tooth as possible and is very natural looking.

And if you live in Leicester you’re just 5 steps away from the perfect smile.

    1. The first step is to get your free guide from the Same Day Teeth Suite. It will tell you everything you need to know about how to restore your smile and how we have helped others do just that in the past.
    2. The second step is to book a free consultation. You can come to the Same Day Teeth Suite for an initial appointment and we will talk you through the benefits of dental implant treatment and all the things you need to consider. There are lots of reasons to have dental implants, from restoring missing teeth/gaps, improving chewing, replacing badly fitting dentures and failed bridges, to preventing bone loss in the jaw. At the consultation we will take x-rays if necessary, impressions and other information we need to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
    3. The third step is to go through your finance options. You can choose one of our finance plans which can continue up to 5 years and comes with an initial 12 months interest free credit.
    4. The fourth step is to actually have one of the treatments undertaken. At the Same Day Teeth Suite in Leicester we offer:
      • Standard implants – an artificial tooth that is placed in your jaw to hold a tooth or bridge. Implants are designed to provide a very strong base for permanent teeth.
      • Mini dental implants – these are a great alternative to a traditional dental implant and are ideal for replacing small teeth and incisors. They can also be used to stabilize a denture and cost less because of their size and ease in implanting.
      • All on 4 Implant System – compared to much more invasive traditional implants, the All on 4 System uses just four implants, strategically placed to support and hold a full arch prosthesis or hybrid bridge.
    5. The final step of the Same Day Teeth Suite experience is perhaps the most important. You need to go out and show off your fabulous new smile. You’ll be more comfortable and have greater confidence when speaking, smiling, and eating.

If you are planning to replace your existing dentures or partials with implant-supported teeth then choosing the Same Day Teeth Suite could make all the difference. If you are ready to transform your smile then contact our friendly team in Leicester today.


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